Location Missions

I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.

Let me hunt already!

Take a moment to discover the world around you through the Shutta mission map. Each balloon contains a challenge, and each challenge comes with its own reward.

Complete mini-games, quizzes, photo-video challenges, or treasure hunts - the more you play the more you win!

Keep checking back for new missions, as more red balloons land into position every day.

Photo Missions

Discover the world through your camera viewfinder!

Photo Missions are photo contests that challenge you to follow a specific brief to capture the best photo. Some missions ask for you to take photos of a concrete subject,

other missions can be more abstract, but each brief will inspire you to observe the world from a unique perspective.

Check the details of the open missions and post your entries to win awesome prizes from top brands.
I'm on a mission!

Photo from Video

Never miss a moment!

Shutta allows you to pull full-resolution photos from any video on your iPhone or Android device. Save your favourite moments as photos without losing resolution.

Browse the latest Staff Picks for inspiration or join the social feed and enter your best pictures into an open Photo Mission.

Or, if all you want is great pics, simply save the photos to your phone without posting!

Latest Staff Pics

Get on the Map!

Are you a business? Get your balloon on the map and start entertaining your customers with your own mission challenge today!

Get me on the map

Are you a user? If you would like to see your favourite outlet on the map, send us a message with the details and we will bring them on!

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Shutta - Photo from Video App

About us

Shutta is a mobile photo-video app designed around user interaction.

Free for users to download, and without any in-feed advertising, Shutta instead offers brands a range of missions, each designed to provide a distinct level of engagement.

From traditional photo missions to mini-games and treasure hunts around the city, Shutta Missions empower communities to interact with brands in a unique way.

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