No, you can use any footage on your phone from past and present. You can use Shutta with your GoPro or Drone footage. All you need to do is transfer your footage so that it is stored on your phone.
As a rule of thumb if the video plays on your phone then you can use Shutta to scroll through it.

Shutta supports high frame rate footage up to 240fps and high resolution footage up to 4k.
Right now, you can use Shutta on devices with iOS and Android.
  • iOS 7 and up (iPhone 4 and up, iPad and 5th generation iPod Touch).
  • Android KitKat and up (minimum RAM 512mb)
Shutta allows you to save your posts to your phone in the full resolution the video was recorded in. You can save your photos from the share page. If you have already posted the image to Shutta you can still download the full resolution image by going to the share page and clicking the download button.

You can download other users posts, but you will receive a low resolution version of the image.
Right now you can share your moments on Shutta directly to Facebook and/or Twitter. To post to other networks you will need to save your post to you device, and repost from your Photo Library/Gallery.

We are working on adding more channels to post directly to.
When you sign up using Shutta we create an account for you. This allows you to see what your friends are posting and store your Shutta posts so that you can access them on other devices and at any point in the future.
You cannot login, post or interact with other users posts unless you are connected to the internet. However once you have logged in you can use the tool and save posts to your device without an internet connection.

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